T is for Tame Cradle Cap Treatment Set

T is for Tame

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 Say goodbye to scalp redness, cradle cap, oiliness, and dandruff with our natural, fragrance-free Scalp Soothing Cream. Scientifically formulated to soothe baby's scalp, and to smooth away common scalp and skin conditions like dryness, dandruff, eczema, and cradle cap.

Prevent and Protect in 3 days: Our Scalp Soothing Cream for babies and toddlers gently calms irritated skin and cradle cap flakes. Your little one will experience fewer flakes and less dry scalp with each treatment. Our proven formula contains coconut and jojoba oil, which help to prevent and reduce cradle cap in 3 days or less. Organic calendula soothes redness and irritation associated with common skin and scalp conditions

Includes; shampoo, soothing scalp cream and brush.